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Energy Data Sourcebook For The U.S. Residential Sector

Tom P. Wenzel, Jonathan G. Koomey,
Gregory J. Rosenquist, Marla Sanchez, and James W. Hanford

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory,
Berkeley, CA 94720
September 1997


Analysts assessing policies and programs to improve energy efficiency in the residential sector require disparate input data from a variety of sources. This sourcebook, which updates a previous report, compiles these input data into a single location. The data provided include information on end-use unit energy consumption (UEC) values of appliances and equipment; historical and current appliance and equipment market shares; appliance and equipment efficiency and sales trends; appliance and equipment efficiency standards; cost vs. efficiency data for appliances and equipment; product lifetime estimates; thermal shell characteristics of buildings; heating and cooling loads; shell measure cost data for new and retrofit buildings; baseline housing stocks; forecasts of housing starts; and forecasts of energy prices and other economic drivers. This report is the essential sourcebook for policy analysts interested in residential sector energy use.

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