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The Energy End-Use Forecasting (EUF) Group is no longer an active group at LBNL, but this site is maintained as an archive of the group's work. These pages are provided for archival purposes only, and the research described is not an active research program at LBNL.

Policy Analysis

Deeper understanding of policy questions often requires in-depth analysis. The reports in this section focused on issues central to evaluating how the future might unfold, particularly those related to technology adoption and defining resource potentials for efficiency and renewable power supplies. These studies also bear strongly on the debate over the costs of reducing carbon emissions.

Costs of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation
Five Lab Study
Forcasting Methodologies and their Implications
Efficiency Improvements in Honda Civics
California Wind Resources
Tax credits for efficient equipment
The Efficiency Gap
Clean Energy Futures Study
Analysis Of In-Use Vehicle Emissions