lbnl2004 California Water Utility Billing Project
Objective: to better understand how the amount and type of information given on water bills affect residential water demand.

The 2-page questionnaire can be completed and submitted electronically. You may save the file on your computer at any time so that partial entries are not lost (this is also advisable in case of internet problems while submitting). The completed form can be returned by pressing the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the second page from any computer connected to the internet or by email attachment to If you prefer you may print and fax/mail the completed questionnaire and any attachments.

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Benefits to participating utilities: you will be able to access and use the full set of statistics obtained from this survey so you can compare your utility to others. You will also receive the draft reports on the analysis. Make sure you check the corresponding boxes on the questionaire and give us an email so we can give you access to these documents when they are completed. We hope that our study will be useful to inform your decisions and help garner support in matters related to conservation activities, billing practices, and rate changes. It may also be used to refine your projections on water consumption to better plan and/or finance future capital improvements.

Given the small number of utilities that qualified for the survey, the quality of our analysis depends heavily on your participation. We appreciate your kind cooperation.

The information that you provide will remain confidential. We will assign a random ID to each record before the information is entered into a computer for analysis. At that point each record will be entirely anonymous. We need to complete this phase of our project as soon as possible and appreciate your collaboration in this matter.


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