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Energy Star New Homes

Project Description

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Energy Star New Homes Program promotes the construction of new homes that consume at least 30% less energy than the 1993 Model Energy Code specifications for heating, cooling, and water heating end-uses. The program operates by providing new-home builders a recognized logo to identify their energy-efficient homes, sales training to promote their more efficient homes, and technical assistance in designing and building energy-efficient homes. The LBNL End-Use Forecasting group is supporting EPA in this latter area ­ developing technical information to help builders more easily meet the guidelines of the Energy Star program. We have performed analyses on the following subjects:

  • Developing packages of energy-efficiency measures to help production home builders meet the Energy Star guidelines in 14 U.S. metropolitan areas.
  • Recommended mechanical ventilation strategies in four climates.
  • Cost-effective regions for central air conditioner heat recovery units (desuperheaters).
  • General information on energy-efficiency upgrades such as sealed ducts, solar-reflective roofs, and desuperheaters.
  • Contract specifications for energy-efficient heating and cooling ducts.
  • Evaluating the energy savings actually achieved by the Energy Star homes program.
  • General information on specific energy-efficiency upgrades, for Energy Star homebuyers.
  • Energy Star New Homes success stories.

Project Staff

Lead - Rich Brown

Celina Atkinson

Mithra Moezzi

Judy Roberson

Marla Sanchez

Sarah Bretz

Donald Mauritz

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