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Energy Star Residential Billing

Project Description

The goal of this project is to develop a web-based tool that will better educate customers about their home's actual energy use and introduce them to energy-saving opportunities -- especially Energy Star programs -- that they would have otherwise not considered. This project is part of the Energy Star Billing Project of the Environmental Protection Agency in close collaboration with Florida Power Corporation, but the tools and procedures will be applicable to other utilities.

The project involves the construction of a website where customers can view their home's utility bills and compare them to appropriate groups, such as other homes in their neighborhood. By definition, half of all customers (and probably closer to 2/3 of web users) consume more energy than average. When they discover that they are high users, they will be more likely to seriously consider measures to reduce their energy in order to become "lower than average." The webpages will offer links to a variety of energy-saving programs sponsored by the utility, EPA, and other institutions.

The University of Delaware will be the overall coordinator of the project. Berkeley Lab will provide the web expertise, including data transfer procedures, data extraction, and graphics development. In addition, Berkeley Lab will help create the webpages in consultation with the other parties.

Project Staff

Lead - Alan Meier

Maggie Pinckard - programming

Key Data


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