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Technology Data and Modeling

Energy data are abundant, but the right data for making policy decisions are not always available in usable form. The projects described here compile technology data for all major end-uses in residential and commercial buildings, incorporate them into computer models, and summarize them in widely-used reference reports. The reports include (where available) data on equipment shipments, shipment-weighted efficiencies, hours of use, annual energy use, insulation levels, window characteristics, prices for efficient products, minimum efficiency standards, and technology performance.

Residential Miscellaneous Electricity
Residential Energy Databook
Residential Efficiency Standards
Commercial Buildings Energy End-use Data
Lighting Market Sourcebook for the U.S. (Res. / Comm.)
Use of the National Energy Modeling System at LBNL
Geographic Information Systems
Information Technology and Resource Use
Treatment of Wind Energy in NEMS
Analysis of California Electricity Consumption
Life-Cycle Costs and Market Barriers of Reflective Pavements
Peak Demand Issues and Comparisons of Supply and Demand Technologies